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Doing What is Right!

This text conversation let me know that I am doing the right thing helping people with their health insurance through the marketplace. This young lady has asthma and will now have coverage for only $25/mo starting in January.

I just sent the email Jazmin. I mispelled your last name on the attached file, but not on the application. Sorry. Thank you again. And please let me know if there is anyone else you would recommend I speak to. 40 minsvia Marcus Thomson Thank u very much I'm definitely going to do it. Now I just wait to hear from (386) 338-7361 • 28 minsvia Google Voice Yes, we will take care of that for you and your will receive it by Monday. 27 minsvia Marcus Thomson I appreciate it, I'm excited. I have asthma and have wondered what to do for a while now. Have a great night. (386) 338-7361 • 24 minsvia Google Voice You brought a tear to my eye. I can only imagine how worried you have been in …

ACA Guide: How to save on out-of-pocket costs — only with a Silver plan

The following is taken directly off After you fill out an application with the Health Insurance Marketplace and provide household and income information, you’ll find out if you qualify for apremium tax credit that lowers your monthly health insurance bill. You’ll also find out if, in addition, your income qualifies you for “cost-sharing reductions.” If it does, you can save money a second way: By paying less out of your own pocket each time you get medical services. This can really reduce your total health care costs for the year. IMPORTANTIf you qualify for these extra savings on out-of-pocket costs, you get them only if you enroll in a plan in the Silver category. You can use a premium tax credit for a plan in any metal category, but you’ll get cost-sharing reductions only if you pick a Silver plan. While a Silver plan may have a monthly premium that’s higher than a Bronze plan’s, be sure to consider the total cost of your medical care. Your total costs include not jus…

Health Insurance for Self Employed Individuals and Families

The Affordable Care Act has provided subsidies that benefit middle income families greatly. They help self employed individuals and families greatly as well. Real Estate Agents, Cosmetologists, and many other owners of small businesses have a great deal of cash flow, but write off a number of allowable expenses which puts their Adjusted Gross Income very low as reported to the IRS. Like I found, you might think entering all of this information on the website is a mess and is frustrating. I am here to help you with getting this taken care of for you and you don't have to mess with the government website.

For example of a couple I helped this afternoon:
40 yr old maile, 46 yr old femaleincome of approximately $19,000/yr expected income for 2016Qualifies for a monthly Subsidy of $646/monthMonthly cost is $0 or only $32/month. Check their quote:
BlueSelect Essential 1452Florida Blue (BlueCross BlueShield FL) BlueSelect Everyday Health 1443Florida Blue (BlueCross BlueShie…