Doing What is Right!

This text conversation let me know that I am doing the right thing helping people with their health insurance through the marketplace. This young lady has asthma and will now have coverage for only $25/mo starting in January.

I just sent the email Jazmin. I mispelled your last name on the attached file, but not on the application. Sorry. Thank you again. And please let me know if there is anyone else you would recommend I speak to.
40 minsvia Marcus Thomson
(386) 338-7361
Thank u very much I'm definitely going to do it. Now I just wait to hear from
(386) 338-7361 • 28 minsvia Google Voice
Yes, we will take care of that for you and your will receive it by Monday.
27 minsvia Marcus Thomson
(386) 338-7361
I appreciate it, I'm excited. I have asthma and have wondered what to do for a while now. Have a great night.
(386) 338-7361 • 24 minsvia Google Voice
You brought a tear to my eye. I can only imagine how worried you have been in the past. I am happy that I can help you. Good night.
22 minsvia Marcus Thomson
(386) 338-7361
I have about one puff left in an inhaler I've been saving haha. So I'm very glad u called.

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