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Dental Coverage with Florida Blue

Your teeth are strong, but can cause some of the worse pain that doesn't go away when you don't take care of them. Unless you already have Dental Insurance, there is a 6 month waiting period before the plan pays for anything major like crowns or root canals. Almost all plans have your routine checkups included at no charge.

Teeth are important to your body, so check out these 3 plans and click Quote Request to let me know that you want to move forward. I have embeded the brochure for each on this page and included a link to the PDF for each in the title.

Non-Qualified Dental (HMO)

BlueDental QF Plan(PPO)

BlueDental Copayment QF Plan(PPO)
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Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Confinement = Deductible Eliminator

During this open enrollment period, there are some great health insurance plans most people can get due to the subsidies from the government. I have seen some middle income families with higher incomes have to pay as much as $650/mo to get a health insurance policy without a deductible. That is very high considering they could get a policy with a higher deductible for around $230/month.

So I recommend anyone that doesn't typically use the health insurance more than preventative treatment to get a lower cost plan and cover up the deductibles and copays with supplemental coverage. Below I have embedded our Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Confinement plans.

You don't have to have our health insurance policy to take advantage of any or all of these plans. And each plan has a Wellness Benefit that pays you just to get your annual checkup which is included in your health insurance plan at no cost to you. You can click on each plan to download the PDF on the plan. USAble Lif…

Hello Family and Friends

I'm a licensed insurance agent in Florida and It's now open enrollment time! 
*If you don't have insurance you will be fined $695.*
~If you don't understand the ACA, you're NOT alone~MOST PEOPLE DON'T!!! I can explain it and you'll see how it can benefit YOU. 
~If you or someone you know doesn't have insurance, is paying too much for your insurance and/or your deductible is too high, CALL/TEXT/EMAIL me! I can help and get your premiums, deductibles, etc down to as low as ZERO $0.00! (407) 494-1165 or .
~Share this status so people don't waste hours of their time online or on the phone with the marketplace, that's just silly.