2017 Florida Blue Billing Update

I would like to pay my bill
Were you a customer of FL Blue in 2016 and have a current policy active with Blue Cross?
NO Before 1/1, we can review your selection and take a payment
Post 1/1, we can complete for 2/1
YES Did you complete a renewal of your policy?
Did you complete your renewal with a Blue Cross Agent?
YES Do you know your agents name (reference agent list) Please contact your agent that assisted you or wait for the bill to be sent to your email or mail.  The bills have been delayed and you will have ample tile to pay and once payment is received you will have claims paid.  You may be required to fill out a claim form.
NO They I can assist you in making sure that all is correct (do an active renewal for 2/1) in IST and they should wait for the Ebill or mailed bill to pay January.  If you do not see a bill by 1/7 please let us know so that
I have not gotten a bill yet for 2017
**Please be advised that it is best to wait until you get a bill to try and pay.  Calling without a bill can cause issues and a poor experience.  There is an extension for bills to be paid till 1/31 for a 1/1 effective date. We advise waiting to get the bill which will come via email or regular mail depending on your selection with your application.
Did you complete a selection of plan for 2017?
YES Did you do this with a Blue agent or marketplace?
Blue Agent Then please contact the assisting agent or FL Blue Directly
Marketplace TBD……
NO I would be happy to help you for your selection of 2/1
I was auto assigned to Blue Cross
Did you take any action or pay the bill that was sent? Was the bill $0?
Bill was $0
YES- I paid 1/1 Bill
Then I would advise you contact FL Blue directly- we are the sales and enrollment office.
NO Do you need coverage effective for 1/1 or is 2/1 acceptable?
1/1- you will need to pay the bill that was assigned to you and for further assistance please contact FL Blue directly.
2/1- I can assist you in getting the correct plan for 2/1
YES If you did pay the bill that was sent please contact blue cross directly for assistance- unfortunately we cannot help with that policy.

I have a payment for December and did not get a bill how do I pay?
Did you complete your renewal for 2017?
NO Well let’s check everything out for you and make sure all correct- this way if there is a problem with the 2016 it will not affect the 17
YES Did you do this with an agent or marketplace?
Marketplace- Let me check it and we can make sure you are in the right plan for 2/1
Blue Agent- Please contact the agent that assisted you - Since you had a policy in 2016, I would advise logging into your member account on FL Blue, and making the payment.
I just want to pay my bill
In most cases if you have already completed the application with your agent the bill is on its way.  There has been an extension for you to make payment. You will have till 1/31 to pay in most cases.
I have paid my bill and I have not gotten ID Cards
Membership and Billing is producing cards and sending them out.  Your agent that assisted you with your insurance can pull a temp ID card for you for immediate needs.
I have no ID cards, Completed an application, cannot pay and I need care.
Did you complete your application with one of our agents? If Yes, then I can direct you back to the agent if no please call Floridablue directly and tell them that you have access to care issues.
I just got a bill and it is not the correct amount?
Please do be alarmed.  Many bills that were sent out had errors.  We would not advise paying the wrong billed amount.  Fl Blue is regenerating incorrect bills and we will be communicating to all members the corrected amount.  Also please remember that payment time has been extended to 1/31.
I got my bill (have my contract number) and I still cannot make my payment
Did you try the VUE Bill link?
I log into my member account and the bill is wrong
Did you redo your application possibly?
Did you have a past due payment that was added to the amount?
My 2017 plan is not listed in my member account for payment

Please wait till you get a bill via email or mail to pay your bill.
I made a payment and then I changed my plan-where and what is happening to my payment?
If you stayed in the same network the monies should be applied to your new plan.  If you changed networks you will need to pay once you get a bill via email or regular mail depending on what you and your agent choose as method of delivery.
I called Blue Cross and they cannot find me in the system
Please do not be alarmed.  You will be getting a BILL via Mail or EMAIL based on what you selected.  You will have until 1/31 to make a payment for your 1/1 effective date.
I was supposed to have a payment for my policy come out and it did not?
If the payment was due to be drafted more than 7 days ago- you should process a new payment.  Did you get a bill yet?  If you did not get a bill yet then the best advice is to wait for the bill and we can make a payment then.   If you have your contract number we can assit in making that payment.  VUE BILL LINK

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