These are common questions I receive from customers on a daily basis and answers to them.

Q:  Where are my health insurance cards?
A:  Did you make your initial payment and did you see it come out of your account?
  • Make a payment by calling Florida Blue at 1-800-FLA-BLUE (352-2583)
  • If "Yes," please verify the address was entered correctly from your Eligibility Notice and your Florida Blue application. As your agent, I always send those files after the application is complete.
Q:  Why did my primary care physician change (PCP)?
A:  Sometimes Florida Blue's system changes it. We can fix that by calling Member Services. If you have a Blue Select or Blue Options plan, they do not have PCP because they are EPO. EPO works similar to a PPO with the main difference that if you go outside the network, the cost is much higher and will have a higher deductible.

Q:  Florida Blue has not paid the Doctor for my last visit?
A:  Many times when this happens, I find that the member is not current with their health insurance premium. if you do not pay for the health insurance premium for a month, Florida Blue is not going to pay for your doctor visit that month. Premium payments are due the first of the month with a 30 day grace period. We have seen Florida Blue extend that grace period much longer than 30 days many times. Please login to FloridaBlue.com where you can see outstanding bills and make payments. 

Q:  Florida Blue is showing I owe more than what I should?
A:  If you are more than 2 months behind, the January payment and other payments may show the full un-subsidized amount. Once you have caught up your portion, the subsidy will be reapplied from Healthcare.gov. 

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