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Health Insurance Update for March 2020

I hope you are doing well in these uncertain times. I am sure you are tired of hearing about the corona virus as I am. I certainly am not completely dismissing it. I am just wishing you the best through this time.

I am sure you feel comforted knowing you have health insurance. Many times I get calls during the year from someone who lost their coverage and I was unable to get them a new policy. That has changed!

Through a special application, I am able to get you coverage if you lost it and help friends and family get health insurance also who didn't have coverage or lost it. So I can still get someone coverage with the subsidy from the Marketplace. Please send them my way.

Dental Insurance is available year round along with other coverage similar and better than most other companies. I have had the dental insurance and have loved it. I was super impressed when my wife finally went to get her tooth fixed and paid $500 copay for a root canal and crown. I paid twice that for just a …