Supplemental Coverage

This page is dedicated to supplemental coverage to traditional health insurance plans. These are not like Medicare Supplemental Policies. These policies are made for individuals and families under the age of 65 and made for a variety of health circumstances most experience in their lifetime. These policies pay benefits to you regardless of other health insurance to make up for what insurance doesn't pay like lost wages and/or copays, coinsurance and deductibles.

Below is a quick summary about each along with a link to the page for more information about the coverage offered.

Accident Plan

This policy pays benefits for even minor cuts, burns, dislocations and broken bones. It pays even more if you need additional medical attention and also comes with accidental death. More Info Here

Hospital Confinement

This policy pays you if you have to be transported to the hospital, hospital admission and a daily hospital benefit which is increased if you are in the Intensive Care Unit. This benefit pays in addition to the accident plan if you have that policy but also if you have to go to the hospital for any illness. More Info Here

Critical Illness

Cancer affects 1 out of 3 people and this pays a flat benefit if you get diagnosed with cancer, heart attack, stroke and other critical illness including if you need a major organ transplant. More Info Here

Dental and Vision

Life Insurance

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